300 Words Essay on Global Warming

What exactly is Global Warming?

Global warming refers to the gradual rise in the average temperature of oceans as well as the atmospheric temperature of Earth. Global warming is likely to be a significant issue. We’ve collected 300 words essay on global warming which will enhance your knowledge. There are many reasons for global temperature rise. One of the most significant is the CO2 emissions which result from flaming fossil fuels to create energy. The need for the strict measure is needed to prevent global warming. Global warming slogans can be used to create the consciousness of the populace of global warming.

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Global warming refers to the long term heating of the globe’s total temperature. However, the trend of warming has been in place for quite a while. It’s speed has dramatically grown in the past hundred years in the result of the combustion of fossil fuels. As the number of people living in the world has grown, so has the number of fossil fuels that are flamed. Fossil fuels are petroleum, coal, natural gas, and coal; flaming them can cause what’s commonly referred to as the green-house effect in the Globe’s atmosphere.

Green House Effect

The green-house effect occurs when the sun rays enter the atmosphere, but the energy is refracted off the surface, and it can not return to space. Gases resulting from the flaming of fossil fuels stop heat from disappearing into space. These green house gases are chlorine fluorocarbons, methane, water vapor, and Nitrous oxide. The excessive temperature that is circulating in the air is the reason of global average temperature to increase over-time, also called global warming.

300 words essay on global warming

Global warming has brought another problem referred to as climate change. The terms “climate change” and “climate change” are often utilized interchangeably, but they’re not the same. Climate change refers to the changes in the weather patterns and the growing seasons across the globe. It also includes rising sea levels due to the extension of warmer seas and melting glaciers and ice sheets. Global warming is a cause of changes in the climate and poses an immediate danger to the inhabitants of Earth through massive flooding and extreme weather. Scientists continue to research the impact of global warming on Earth.

The History of Global Warming and Geological Perspective

The temperature of Earth alters day-to-day The changes that occur within Earth’s coverage and temperature draw the attention of scientists from all over the world. The background that has led to global warming long, and that’s why it is worthy of attention, and many theories of prediction must be considered as well. Many scientists acknowledge that huge glaciers covered the globe for a long time of time known as the Ice Age; however, temperatures increased dramatically, and the Ice Age era was coming to a conclusion (Kennedy 47).

But, the climate didn’t change much until the mid-point period of the 14 century. Century. The extreme cold was a part of Iceland, Alaska, and the Alps. In the latter half of the 80s, Jean Baptist Joseph Fourier observed how the temperatures of Earth were declining slowly and proposed the idea that solar radiation was a good idea to the general public. He was also among the first scientists to have identified the greenhouse effect and claimed that it could keep the Earth warmer (Silverstein and co 2009, 18).

Other significant scientists provided their own theories on global warming and the risk of greenhouse effects. One of the most important scientists is Guy Stewart Callendar. The scientist “examined the role played by human carbon dioxide as a factor in global warming observed in the first years of the 20th century” (Fleming 114).

He was determined to show how the greenhouse effect could negatively impact the atmosphere, resulting in negative consequences for the people. The ideas of this scientist led other scientists to start to study the problems which could influence global temperature. One of the first conclusions scientists arrived at was that human activities were thought to be the primary reason for global warming.

300 words Essay on Global Warming

Global warming could be thought of as an organic geological process, and this is why the perspective of geology must be thought of when analyzing changes in the climate and rising temperature. The field of geology is concerned with significant durations of time that are needed to study the evolution of the Earth’s natural processes.

Some geologists think that the global temperature rise is another unplanned fluctuation in the climate. They justify their position with a single fact: CO2 is not the reason of global warming. Actually, the situation is the opposite. Because of the increasing temperature at the global scale, the amount of carbon dioxide increases too. Human activity is not able to create such a large quantity of carbon dioxide. This is the reason global warming is an entirely natural process of geology that is caused by natural processes and, therefore, is not a possibility to stop.

300 words essay on global warming

Global Warming The Idea of how we can prevent It

In spite of the notion that global warming is not caused by human activity, These very actions remain an issue that is frequently discussed concerns. Actually, humans can take every chance to stop global warming. However, most of them are ignorant of the actions to take.

There are numerous ways to end all the harmful practices that could contribute to global warming. The first step is to think about Recycling. Must be thinking about recycling to keep the planet clean they reside. Recycling is the process of transforming the material into new materials. A lot of people are unable to think about the number of products that could be recycled: glass, plastic, and paper. Through Recycling individuals have another chance to utilize quality and durable materials and reduce the environmental impact.

It’s not just another way to make use of materials that are already in use. It turns out as more significant globally. Industrial production has fewer negative environmental impacts on global warming, while the latter has less reason to be developed. What people do not consider has a significant impact on the environment, and the negative impact is evident.

That’s why when individuals recycle their waste and waste products, they are helping the environment and reducing energy consumption. There are other benefits to Recycling cost of many goods can be reduced since they will be made from recycled material that is old and used. People should not invest all of their time in creating the same materials instead of focusing on creating something brand new and more efficient as well as, lastly the areas that are damaged can be used to construct new homes and other structures that are suitable structures for living in order to make it less likely for people to be stranded outside at night.

Everyone should be aware that they have a lot of opportunities to save their planet and stop global warming by themselves. Naturally, the actions that they must complete are very important and require determination, time, and perseverance. In the first place, global warming could be caused by the usage of carbon-based fuels. Today, it’s difficult to imagine a world without cars. People would rather reduce their time travel and utilize speedy cars to entertain themselves.

This is the reason why the consumption of fuel is increasing each day. It is difficult to think about the extent to which fuel causes pollution to our Earth and is the cause of global warming. Naturally, it’s impossible to request that everyone stop using automobiles as well as other modes of transportation and begin walking. This is the reason why many scientists from various countries have begun contemplating the possibility of using solar energy to power cars. It requires a certain amount of time and energy, but electric vehicles and vehicles that run on solar power could be an actual option for individuals. At present, people have the chance to transform fossil fuels into solar energy. Another issue that plagues our culture is the habit of smoking.

As was stated earlier, There are many smokers who can’t quit. Teenagers, in particular, are aware that smoking cigarettes do not have any effect on global warming. That’s why it’s essential to emphasize the effects of smoking cigarettes, which are easily visible and can be very dangerous for the average person and beneficial for those who are looking forward to seeing global warming. The first thing to note is that all the cigarettes used in smoking are the leading cause of global warming. They are difficult to recycle, which is the reason they tend to disappear in the soil and then begin to devastate the Earth.

It is also difficult to comprehend how harmful smoking is and the number of people who smoke at the same time and how much they pollute our air. Both of these reasons must be considered, and those who are concerned about global warming and would like to stop it from happening should consider methods to assist those who smoke to quit.

300 words essay on global warming

Technological advancement and the industrial revolution are playing technological advancement play a significant part in the daily life of everyone. Mines, plants, and factories develop the latest technologies for humans, but their activity greatly pollutes the Earth and the air and creates various causes for global warming.


In this article, the most important factors that contribute to global warming are examined. This is directly related to rising temperatures and causes huge dangers for humans. That’s why it is important to consider methods to stop this happening and protect our planet. Recycling and reusing reduce the impact of pollution on the planet and enable us to think about how we can make use of the same materials time and consider the development of many ideas to make our world better.

Human vices have a negative effect on humans and the environment, which is why the global warming issue could be delayed when people decide to quit smoking. If people don’t start thinking about what might be causing the warming of our planet, then they will be able to experience the issue much earlier than is normal.

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