My Story

It is a result of a lot of failures and reattempts. At the start, it was going really smoothly until I tried to discover myself. 

I went to school and tried my whole life to get good grades in every exam because my parents are teachers, so I couldn’t make grades my second priority. 

So after getting selected for higher studies in a reputable institute in the country, I moved to another city. My country’s purpose for getting an education is very much different from a developed country. Here everyone wants to study to get a good job. So I also got enrolled for this race.

I got a job even before my convocation ceremony. I felt like I had conquered the world. I have started my professional career with a positive mindset.

But after some time, I realized that there is no one appreciates hard work. Almost every boss wants to be flattered by their juniors. 

Youth is desperate to get jobs because of unemployment, and employers are taking full advantage by humiliating them.No one dares to create opportunities. Everyone is so afraid to take risks that however he is treated in his workplace, he can’t even think about leaving that job.

However, after bearing that humiliation for over three years, I decided to quit. I started trying odd things just to satisfy the inner peace that I am living with dignity. But being a father, I have specific responsibilities to fulfil. I have to put food on the table as well. So I did everything regardless of my status and qualification.

After many years, I have realized that blogging is something I can do with dignity. I have some goals that may not be fulfilled in my life, but the future generation will surely benefit from that.

First, I want to spread awareness among my people about the future environmental crisis. As an environmentalist, it is my duty as well.

For that purpose, I have created this website to make people aware of current and future environmental problems. Though the world is facing ecological crises, we are way behind them. We are unaware of the consequences of our treatment of the earth. As you know, before treating a disease, you have to diagnose it.

Secondly, I want to change the education system of my country because I believe education is something that can build or destroy nations.


Engineer Husnain Sultan