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Global warming

A detailed essay on global warming

Global warming is the gradual rise in ocean temperatures and the temperature of the atmosphere of Earth. In this article an essay on global warming is presented. Global warming is predicted to become a significant problem. There are a variety of reasons that can cause the rising temperature of the planet. The most significant is CO2 emissions which come from burning fossil fuels in order to generate energy. The need for rigorous action is necessary to stop global warming. Global warming-related slogans can be used to raise the awareness of the masses of the dangers of global warming.

Global warming is the gradual warming of the global temperature. However, this pattern of warming has been present for quite a long time. Its rate has risen dramatically over the last 100 years because of the burning of fossil fuels. As the population living on Earth has increased, so too has the number of fossil fuels consumed. Fossil fuels include petroleum, natural gas, coal, and coal. Burning them may cause what’s called “the “greenhouse effect” within the Earth’s atmosphere.

ChallengesEssay on global warming

Many human activities, including the over-production of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide, are among the main cause of global warming. The gases make up the atmosphere and hold heat that would otherwise escape to space. Natural greenhouse gases aid in keeping the global temperature at enough levels to sustain living things.

Growing greenhouse gas emissions cause a change in the weather patterns and consequently influence the length of seasons. This causes the existence of extreme storms like El Nino and coastal-related floods. The use of fossil fuels creates a large amount of carbon dioxide. Another significant cause of global warming is the human activity of forest destruction. If the forest is depleted of trees, there is a production of higher carbon dioxide than is actually used.

an essay on global warming

How Global Population Growth Causes Severe Environmental Crisis

In general, the “green groups” appear to be lacking in discussions on the increase in the human population. However, a variety of suggestions, as presented in Lyon Barnston and Lyon suggests that a common demand for a reduction in population growth could be the best solution to the problem and improve environmental sustainability.

According to Weiss’s article if the population is in the position to implement growth rate controls and experience less than one billion people increase by midcentury, rather than the predicted two billion, this could translate into around 29% reduction in emissions. The current research suggests that a 29% reduction in emission rate is what is needed in 2050.

The Developed Vs. Developing Countries

Are there differences in the impact of the growth rate in developing countries and those in developed countries such as the United States? The emission rates are greater in developed countries because of more consumption, and as a result, there is an obvious excess waste production. Some comments from countries with developed economies put the blame on poor agricultural practices, like horticulture in developing countries.

In the end, the U.S. has the greatest influence due to its high emissions in comparison to other nations. “A typical U.S. resident emits four times the amount of carbon dioxide as residents of China or twenty…times greater than… an African”. But, in relation to Weiss’s piece, The number of people living in the United States is not the only concern. People need to change their lifestyles and where they reside.

As per the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) the current number of people sharing scarce resources like food and water is 6.6 billion, with a projected growth of nine billion by 2050. Environmentalists say that an increase in population growth causes the majority of all environmental issues.

Concerning the scientific findings in the field of science, unless all nations in the world follow the same pattern that is, there is a necessity to look at other facts like the reduction of the human population as a key factor in decreasing the amount of resources used and also the over-emission of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

an essay on global warming

Other Related Issues brought about by the negative population Increase

The growing population is the primary cause of increasing emissions of greenhouse gases along with deforestation, which can result in the loss of wild animals as well as thousands of plant species. The growth that is unfavorable is also the reason for the present land development or commercialization of over half of the surface of the Earth’s land.

The population growth rate is an obvious indicator that within a few decades, the scarcity of water due to high consumption will cause distressing impacts on over 50% of all the people in this world. The imbalance in the ecosystem result from a lack of effective measures to deal with major environmental problems like the growth of population.

The Status of the Population Growth Rate as well as Possible Solutions

The poorer countries aren’t equipped with proper family planning strategies or mechanisms to increase control over the rate of population growth. They may not have access to techniques to control the population or are affected by customary practices.

The leadership fails to address the issue in a straightforward manner as the people are not well-informed and remain with the traditional practices of their culture and beliefs. This is among the primary reasons for the rapid population growth in the countries mentioned above, including those in Asia, Africa Middle East, Asia, and Africa. They are not able to access fresh water, adequate food, and shelter.

Contrary to developed countries like Germany or the United States or Germany, the current population count is declining or decreasing, but consumption rates remain very high, which means that there is a huge consumption of resources. For example, Americans are only four percent of the world’s population, yet they consume 25% of global resources.

The developed countries are extremely industrialized and thus contribute significantly to ozone and climate depletion when compared with developing nations. The issue of migration to developed nations contributes to the increasing population in developed nations. When people move to other countries into developed countries, they adopt a lifestyle of emission and heavy consumption. In the book Weiss, an estimate from the U.S. Census Bureau indicates the possibility of the 129 million expected to grow by 2050. This is mainly due to the influx of immigrants.

an essay on global warming

Policies that may help in the effort to Control Global Population Growth

The current connection between environmental issues, particularly the global warming issue and population growth, demands urgent correction. The majority of people would like reductions in emissions and consumption levels in the developed world, and there is a necessity to cut down on the increase in population in the developing world.

Human rights and environmentalists advocate for support for abortion as the most effective method of limiting the growing human population to ease environmental pressures, as opposed to a legalization clause that supports abortion.


The primary reasons for global warming are human activities that result in the emission of greenhouse gases to an excessive degree as well as the burning of fossil fuels as well as deforestation with the intention of achieving higher levels of development. One of the biggest issues with global warming is ignorance among the public, people, and activists regarding the consequences of the high rate of population growth. The most common consequences of global warming are altered weather patterns and climate-related catastrophes, such as floods, coastal hurricanes, and droughts.

The most crucial strategy is to anticipate the consequences of global warming that are not present. The current effects of global warming affect all human aspects that, range from problems with human health to biodiversity. Action taken now could reduce the chance of more severe impacts caused by global warming.

The process of reducing and eventually eliminating the negative effects of global warming will require an array of factors like personal commitment or the implementation of effective policies by the government. People have the most influence on the factors that affect the environment, such as global warming. The most significant solutions to this problem include reducing carbon dioxide emissions, especially in countries with developed economies, a reduction in the growth rates in the world, and a reduction in carbon emissions.

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