How to achieve sustainability in your business?

Using sustainable practices can be an excellent opportunity to grow California LLC. However, it’s also a challenge. While you’ll soon reap the environmental and economic benefits of your choices, making them a reality requires dedication. You must be able to approach the process with tact. So, what are the key things to be aware of when … Read more

Best Sustainable Business Ideas.

Sustainable Businesses Some of the most popular developments that were on top of the list for a long time are selecting entrepreneurship as the main occupation and running eco-friendly businesses. Although the first is typically driven by earning money to live a comfortable life, the latter is generally caused by other motives. That doesn’t mean … Read more

India & Pakistan are Finally Started Taking Environmental Crisis Seriously!

It’s good to see both these neighbors have finally realized the severity of the environmental crisis and started taking it seriously. Plastic pollution is a severe threat to human health.   Pakistan applied a ban on plastic items in 2019. The government has implemented the ban on the capital only. But later on, it was expanded to the other cities … Read more

Energy From Agricultural Waste

A large amount of agricultural wastes generated by crop cultivation, are promising sources of energy for processing, production and domestic use in rural regions. The readily available leftovers from agriculture are either used to a lesser extent or burned out in open areas to prepare fields to allow for the subsequent cultivation of crops. On average, 1.5 tonnes … Read more

Recycling Food Waste into Fuel

In the present time, waste management is an uphill battle. But we are still not ready to understand its consequences as citizens. Millions of tons of food turn into waste yearly, producing health hazards and various environmental issues. Thousands of people get affected by waste-related diseases, but no one is ready to ponder. In this … Read more

Why Should we recycle coffee grounds?

As avid coffee drinkers, we use various devices and methods of brewing to make coffee the way we want. These tools and machines include a Moka kettle, a bean-to-cup machine, or a barista coffee maker. These methods produce vast quantities of coffee grounds, typically thrown away in the trash. But, you can profit from coffee … Read more

Lignocellulosic Biomass Producing Ethanol.

Cellulosic ethanol technology is among the world’s most widely debated second-generation biofuel technologies. Biofuels made of cellulosic material are made from cellulose found in plants, and some are being developed for “energy” crops rather than to produce food. They include perennial grasses as well as trees like switchesgrass as well as miscanthus . The residues of crop plants, … Read more

How Educational Institutes can save water?

  As with all big organizations, colleges and schools must be aware of their environmental impacts. Apart from energy consumption and management of wastewater use is a different aspect of environmental health from schools and colleges. Children and young adults make up the most vocal voices concerning the climate issue. Several campaigning by the grassroots … Read more