4 Main types of beach erosion and ways to prevent them-Simplified

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Beach erosion Beach erosion results from coastal flooding, sea-level rise, and intense wave action, causing rocks, soils, and sands to be washed away along the coast. Storms or other natural events can erode the coastlines. Combining strong waves, storm surge at low tide, and landfalling storms can cause the most severe conditions. The problem is … Read more

How Does Coastal Development Effect the Coastal Ecosystem?


What is Coastal Ecosystem and Coastal Development? The coastal ecosystem and coastal development can be defined as; Coastal Ecosystem Estuaries, coastal waters, and lands make up the coastal ecosystem. Here the river and stream systems merge with the sea, and they are dissolved and mixed by the tides. It includes fresh, salty, brackish, mixed-saline-fresh, and … Read more

Coastal Erosion-How Tourism Impacts on it.

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Coastal Erosion The process of coastal erosion involves the way through which sea level rise, intense wave action, and coastal flooding can wear down or remove soils, rocks, or sands along the coastline. Coastal areas are transitional zones between land and sea with high diversity. They are among the most diverse and fragile ecosystems on … Read more

Massive Coastal Erosion and Landforms.

What are coastal landforms? Landforms are forms of land that occur on the coast. A Landform is a unique element in the ground. A landform is a natural element on the earth’s surface, like a mountain or a river. Coastal erosion and landforms is highly searched keyword in the coastal areas. The term “coastal landform” refers to … Read more