How much are Smog Checks- Reasonable Prices

How Much are Smog Checks?

It’s hard to arrive at an accurate estimate of the cost of the inspection. The general consensus is that it could cost between $30 and $80. But, different states might have their own procedures and costs. In certain states, for instance, California, the Smog stations are approved by DMV as private companies, which means that the prices differ.

The rules can also be different. Certain states conduct extensive or extensive Smog check. These tests will examine the brakes of your vehicle along with your steering mechanism, tire, and safety equipment, which may be inspected. This inspection can add cost to the evaluation.

The reason why smog check is necessary?

Smog inspections are intended to make sure that your vehicle emits a sufficient quantity of emissions. They require a thorough, multiple-step check to find the cause of non-compliance as well as provide repair suggestions. If you fail to pass a smog test, it is possible that you will not be legally able to register your car and will not be able to legally drive until you’ve passed.

To ensure that there are no issues during the inspection, be sure to conduct annual maintenance at an auto or dealership repair shop to avoid expensive repairs. Keep up-to-date with state regulations and perform regular smog inspections as required. It can help keep your car’s state in good order and protect you from the consequences of failing to pass the inspection.

how much are smog checks

Smog Check Prices

Most Vehicles – 2000 and Newer:

(cars, most minivans, trucks, diesel vehicles)

  Smog test: $61.50

  Certificate: $8.25

  Total: $69.75

Large Vans:

(Chevy Astro, GMC Safari, Dodge B-Series, Ford Econoline, Conversion Vans, Mid-Engine Cars)

 Smog test: $89.75

 Certificate: $8.25

 Total: $98.00

Most Vehicles – 1996 to 1999:

(cars, most minivans, trucks, diesel vehicles)

Smog test: $74.75

Certificate: $8.25

Total: $83.00

Motor Homes

Smog test: $139.75

 Certificate: $8.25

 Total: $148.00

how much are smog checks

Where Can I Get Smog Checks?

It is possible to have it completed at any franchise or privately-owned auto repair shop. Businesses that can perform the inspections are usually certified and must post the information on their website. But, there is a difference between smog checks and test stations.

Smog tests do not involve taking a thorough look at your vehicle. The technician checks your vehicle and decides whether the results meet the standards. Repairs aren’t part of the procedure. Therefore you have to drive from the station to an auto repair shop or dealership. To avoid any hassle, make sure that the stations perform Smog tests and not just conduct tests.

How Often Should I Do Smog Checks?

As with price, the amount is contingent depending on your state. In some states, you are required to conduct checks at least every year. However, in other states, this is done annually in the proprietor’s case. It’s also possible that you do not have to perform a check in any way.

Maintain your vehicle every year to prevent any costly problems that may arise with your vehicle. It’s recommended to keep your car in good condition. Smog tests aren’t that costly. However, other repairs necessary to pass the test could be.

When do I need to get a smog test in California?

If you are buying your first new vehicle, it is required to have a smog inspection. Following the first registration, you must have a smog inspection every two years. The second scenario is when you relocate to California and need a smog certificate before registering your car. Additionally, if you want in order to sell your car over four years old, you must have the smog certification.

how much are smog checks

Should every car have a smog certificate in California?

A few cars do not need to be smog certified in California. Here are a few vehicles that are not subject to Smog checks in California:

There are other situations in which you don’t have to bring your car to a smog test in California, such as:

  • Models manufactured in 1975 and older automobiles are not subject to a smog test
  • A natural gas-powered car with a gross weight of more than 14,000 pounds.
  • Diesel-powered cars manufactured before 1998 or with a total weight of over 14,000 lbs.
  • Electric vehicles
  • Motorcycles
  • Hybrid, gas-powered, and alternative-fuel vehicles that are older than eight model years are not subject to biennial Smog tests.
  • Smog checks at the change-of-ownership are not required for hybrids, hybrids, or gasoline-powered and alternative-fuel vehicles with four model years or older.
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