Rain water ph, Mandatory precautions

rain water ph

What is rainwater? Rain is liquid droplets that falls from the clouds. Raindrops are formed when clouds are saturated with water or filled with droplets. The next segment will be about the rain water pH level. There is very little information about the benefits of rainwater on human health. Many people don’t collect and store … Read more

Best Rainwater Harvesting Systems-6 Types


Rainwater Harvesting Rainwater harvesting is a method that is used to collect, transport, and store water collected from clean surfaces like the roof, the rock catchment, or the land surface, primarily used later. The collected rainwater is directed to refresh groundwater or retained in a rainwater storage tank. Rainwater catchment is not just a modern … Read more

How to install a rainwater diverter? simplified

Rainwater diverter A rainwater diverter is a simple tool that is linked straight to the drainpipe. As the name suggests, it diverts water directly from the drainpipe into a water pipe. The diverter typically consists of the main body that includes the leaf trap, a piece of pipe that can be flexible or rigid to … Read more

Roof valleys-Rain water harvesting

Roof valleys-Rain water harvesting

Why are they important? Rainwater harvesting (RWH) can be described as the collecting and storage of rainwater instead of letting it flow away. Rainwater is taken from the roof and directed into the reservoir. In most rainwater harvesting activities, the roof is the primary drainage basin. Roof valleys play an important part in rain water … Read more

Is rainwater safe to drink?

is rainwater safe to drink

Most people are pondering their minds: is rainwater safe to drink or unsafe? Therefore, the conclusion is “yes,” you can drink rainwater. However, there are specific steps that must be followed before drinking the rainwater. What is rainwater? Rain water is generally safe to drink when it is collected correctly; however, the surroundings in that … Read more

Rainwater benefits, Comprehensive overview

rainwater. rainwater benefits

What is rainwater? The term “rain” refers to liquid rain falling from clouds. Raindrops fall to Earth when clouds are filled with water or are saturated with droplets. In the next segment, we will look at the benefits of rainwater. With rainwater, we can decrease the quantity of water that we consume. Rainwater benefits human … Read more

How does a rainwater diverter work? comprehensive overview


Rainwater diverter: A rainwater diverter is a primary gadget that connects a roofline reservoir system with a water storage tank like a water barrel or garden storage tank. Rainwater diverters are available in various shapes, designs, and sizes, ranging from square rainwater diverters to round rainwater diverters. As well as flexible rainwater diverters to rigid … Read more

Rainwater diverter-5 types of diverters used in water harvesting

Rainwater diverter Rainwater diverter is used to collect rainwater. They are connected to a downpipe from the roofline, guttering toward the ground. They divert rainwater into a storage tank rather directly into the ground drainage system. Rainwater diverter collect water from large areas, such as roofs of houses or barns. The gutters along the top … Read more

What is Rainwater Collection System?


The rainwater collection system, also known as a rainwater harvesting system or a rainwater catchment system, is a technology that stores and collects rainwater and can be used by humans. Rainwater harvesting systems vary from basic rain barrels to more complex structures that include tanks, pumps, and filters.  The harvested rainwater is used to water landscapes, flush … Read more