Rain Barrel diverter-Save Rain water

What is a rain barrel diverter?

An automated downspout redirector directs water from your gutter system into your rain barrel. A downspout redirector automatically directs rainwater from your roof into your rain barrel.

Detailed Description

Link the rain diverter to your down spout. The rain conserve rain diverter has double outlet ports, that can be used to fill dual rain barrels at a time. The rain diverter includes the diverter, manual, sticker, screws, and winterization caps. It does not include parts to connect to a barrel. Adapter included for 2×3 down spouts. All products are produced in the US using feasible materials and practices. To expand your setup see the Connector Kit and Spigot Kit.

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Characteristics of a rain barrel

Rain Diverter redirects rainwater from your gutter downspout into rain barrels. This tool does not connect rain barrels/water containers and the unique mechanism.
Rain Diverter draws rainwater out of your gutter downspout and directs it to rain barrels. The unique tool and parts connecting rain barrels/water cans are not included in the Rain Diverter.

How to install a rain barrel?

  • The diverter can be attached easily to the gutter downspout
  • Draw a line about nine inch. from the downspout. Below the top rain barrel.
  • Move it to the barrel
  • Use a hacksaw to remove the downspout from the markings

Level with the top of the Barrel

To work correctly, the Barrel must line up with the top end of the rain barrel diverter. If it is too high, the water starts to flow out the gutters and out of the Barrel.

It worked perfectly the first time it was set up. Water pressure caused dirt and water to settle, and water began to pour into the Barrel.

Why an automatic downspout diverter?

Downspout diverters are helpful for several reasons.

First, a diverter will be required. A rain barrel diverter is needed.

Secondly, it is crucial to be able to lift the rain can before winter sets. This will prevent it from freezing and cracking.

An adapter can be used for storage and removal of the Barrel.

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Why should we use a rain barrel diverter?

The automatic rain collection system must fill your rain bar but not overflow it. A rain bar diverter is an indispensable tool. They will redirect the water back into the gutter.

How does a rain barrel diverter work?

This is quite complicated. The diverter redirects water from the downpipe to the rain bar when it’s full. Water is forced through the gutters system once the water pressure has reached that point. The rain barrel will shut off automatically.

Should we put a rain barrel on a pedestal?

It is important to determine the height of your water barrel. If the rain barrel’s top is lower than the downspout diverter, it will not direct water to the gutter pipe if the open top is full. It will continue to overflow so long as there is rain.

If you water the Barrel with a hose, the water level must be higher than the end. If there is no water pressure, the water won’t run out of the hose, and it will cause water to freeze. You may want to place your rain barrel on a pedestal. Another thing to consider: a pedestal must be stable as a rain barrel can get very heavy and could break something if it falls.

Do we need a pump for my rain barrel?

We don’t need to pump rain barrel water if gravity is used correctly. However, in some cases, you may need to pump water to higher elevations. A pump will consume excess electricity. This reduces the eco benefits of a rain barrel.

How a rain barrel reduce water pollution?

Storm water pollution is a significant environmental concern in urban and suburban areas, particularly those dominated by impermeable surfaces like parking lots, sidewalks, and paved roads. Water seepage from the ground is prevented by impermeable surfaces, increasing the risk of flooding.

Storm water pollution is when rainwater picks up chemicals and sediments and flows into storm sewers or other water bodies. Rain barrels capture and contain rainwater to reduce the amount of runoff. Water can seep slowly into the ground to reduce runoff, which in turn helps preserve water bodies. Using rain barrel is an eco friendly mechanism.

Benefits of using rain barrel diverter

Rain barrels are very beneficial to the environment and residents, provided they are maintained properly. Here are some benefits of rain barrels

  • It creates a private water supply
  • Plants love rainwater collected.
  • Storm water runoff pollution reduces
  • Contribute towards erosion prevention efforts
  • Limit moisture levels around the foundation
  • Get rid of your water bill and sewer bills
  • It will allow you to be an environmental steward in your local community
  • Allowable releases can recharge groundwater storages and keep fresh water in the Barrel
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