Roof Rain Diverter, Protect your roof

What is roof rain diverter?

Installation of rain diverters may appear complex at first. However, it’s easy, so you follow the proper steps. The only problem with installing it is getting up to the roof. However, the task shouldn’t be that difficult if you’ve got an appropriate ladder dimension.

Rain diverters regulate the flow of water from heavy snow or rain. A rain diverter installed at the front door of your house ensures that it is safe for your family members to access and out.

A roof rain diverter is put in place to prevent rain from falling over a certain area. Numerous roofing companies recommend installing one. You can typically find one at the local lumber or hardware retailer.

Where can a rain diverter locate?

The roof eaves are usually the place where diverters are put in. They are installed under asphalt shingles, using an anchor nail at the end, and two or three that are centered. They are typically placed over A/C units, back doors, entrances, and pathways. Their purpose is to restrict the amount of rainwater flowing across the roof line when you walk across an entranceway. On A/C units, they’re installed to accomplish the same goal to control the amount of water that falls in the units as well as limit debris on the roof that is falling into.

roof rain diverter

Why it Matters?

If water is allowed to accumulate on roofs or other structures, it could find its way into the home’s interior, which may result in mold and rot. This could lead to severe structural problems, as well as harmful mold growth that could cost as much as tens of thousands of dollars to fix.

In the same way, the water that pools around a property can cause severe foundation damage that could also cost a significant amount of money to fix. Roofers generally install gutters and downspouts to safeguard a house from the harmful consequences of water that is not controlled. The options below could be beneficial if your home isn’t equipped with gutters or downspouts.

How To Install a Rain Diverter?

After you’ve collected the tools and supplies and are ready to begin your project. Below are the steps for setting up your rain diverters.

Make sure you set up your ladder so that you can reach the top of the roof.

Make use of the pry bar with a flat end to unwind the stuck roof shingles.

Place a 1/4-inch-thick bead of silicone caulk on the drip edge. Then, lift the shingles and then move the diverter.

roof rain diverter

Use roofing nails to secure the roof. Be sure to put each nail on a roof shingle.

Make sure to seal each shingle down with caulk.

Apply a spray of water to the roof using the garden hose to check the rain diverter’s efficiency.


If you’re thinking of setting up a rain diverter, begin by identifying the required tools. Here’s a complete list of the equipment needed for the installation process:

Flat pry bar

Aviation cuts


Caulk gun


Alongside tools, in addition, there are some things you need to have, which include your roofing nails, roof diverter along with silicone caulk.

How much will it cost to put a rain diverter on your roof?

A simple roofing task such as installing a diverter would be at cost $199. Also, we recommend the roof tune-up process that seals the nail heads exposed on the shingles, pipes, vents, and so on. The cost will also be based on the accessibility to the areas, the slope of the roof, and how many diverters will need to be put in place.

roof rain diverter

Protect the Roof

If the gutters in your house that’s not operating properly, you could discover that water is leaking into your roof, which can cause major damage. To safeguard the roof of your home over the long haul, homeowners must ensure that water is removed from it as fast as they can with a proper gutter system put in place and then take care of this system by maintaining it regularly so that you can be sure to drain the water off your roof promptly to stop it from causing any type of long-term damage.

Water management is among the most crucial things you can take care of to take maintenance of your home. It is possible for water to be extremely damaging if it’s located in areas in which it isn’t needed, which is why installing gutters and downspouts in order to manage it effectively is a sensible option.

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