Why Businesses Should Adopt Biodegradable Packaging?

Consumers expect companies to reflect their values. A business with an identity is more likely to be purchased by them, regardless of whether they are involved in charitable work or using eco-friendly practices. Biodegradable packaging is a potential growth opportunity as more people become interested in green living. Nevertheless, biodegradable packaging has many other benefits … Read more

Poor Solid Waste Management In Pakistan! Why?

Pakistan’s solid waste management problem is grave. Nearly 5 million people die every year from diseases related to waste. Overview According to recent estimates, Pakistan produces 30 million metric tonnes of municipal solid waste each year. Rapid population growth, urbanization and economic development are all expected to lead to a significant increase in waste generation over the … Read more

Shehbaz Shareef (PLMN) Starts Delievering Again! A good Sign for Pakistan!

ISLAMABAD:The approval by the federal Cabinet of Tuesday’s first ever National Hazardous Waste Management Policy was a sign that both the Centre (and the provinces) will work together to develop a National Action Plan. This plan would allow implementation of the policy in just three months so that the country is not a dump for … Read more

Pakistan is Importing Waste from developed Countries.

ISLAMABAD: On Thursday, the Senate Standing Committee on Climate Change was baffled to learn that the United Kingdom (Iran, United Arab Emirates), Saudi Arabia, Saudi Arabia, United States of America, and Belgium were the top 10 countries exporting waste to Pakistan. The list includes names of some friendly countries. They also often voice concerns about climate … Read more

Solid Waste in Pakistan! All You Need To Know.

Solid waste incorporates solids or semisolids, non-dissolvable materials (containing gases and fluids for holders, for example, agrarian deny, destruction waste, industrial waste, mining deposits, city trash, and sewage slop.   Types The most common types of solid waste are: Municipal Solid Waste Industrial Waste Agricultural Waste Hazardous Waste Solid Waste Management (Worldwide) Solid waste management is the … Read more