India & Pakistan are Finally Started Taking Environmental Crisis Seriously!

It’s good to see both these neighbors have finally realized the severity of the environmental crisis and started taking it seriously. Plastic pollution is a severe threat to human health.   Pakistan applied a ban on plastic items in 2019. The government has implemented the ban on the capital only. But later on, it was expanded to the other cities … Read more

Global Plastic Waste is Expected to threefold by 2060

PARIS: According to Friday’s findings, a world severely affected by global plastic waste pollution will see its use triple within the next four decades. Global Plastic Waste Production According to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), 2060 will see an increase in the annual production of plastics made from fossil-fuel-derived materials to 1.2 … Read more

Shehbaz Shareef (PLMN) Starts Delievering Again! A good Sign for Pakistan!

ISLAMABAD:The approval by the federal Cabinet of Tuesday’s first ever National Hazardous Waste Management Policy was a sign that both the Centre (and the provinces) will work together to develop a National Action Plan. This plan would allow implementation of the policy in just three months so that the country is not a dump for … Read more

Pakistan is Importing Waste from developed Countries.

ISLAMABAD: On Thursday, the Senate Standing Committee on Climate Change was baffled to learn that the United Kingdom (Iran, United Arab Emirates), Saudi Arabia, Saudi Arabia, United States of America, and Belgium were the top 10 countries exporting waste to Pakistan. The list includes names of some friendly countries. They also often voice concerns about climate … Read more

Plastic Waste – A Tall-order for Pakistan

LAHORE As the World Environment Day is celebrated, it is high-time that Pakistan follows many other Asian countries that have banned plastic waste import to protect the environment. The Sustainable Development Report 2019 ranks Pakistan at the 130th position out of 162 countries, with a score 55.6 on Sustainable Development Goals Index.However, countries from the region … Read more

China’s Blanket Testing Technique is Fabricating Waste Ridge

BEIJING:China’s Hazmat-trained workers use plastic swabs to reach millions of people every day. This leaves bins full of medical waste, which has now become an environmental and economic burden of a zero-Covid strategy. China is the last major country to commit to eliminating infections at all costs. Near-daily testing, which is used when only a … Read more

Is Europe Ready For Further Russian Invasion????

Vladimir Putin and Russian state-owned energy giant Gazprom are reportedly making a mess of Europe by cutting off the gas supply. The director of the International Energy Agency has recently warned that Europe must prepare now for Russia to shut down any gas imports into the area during the winter. The attack on Ukraine has caused an uprising by … Read more