Two Greenhouse Gases – Devastating Factors

What are two Greenhouse gasses?

Green house gases absorb heat from the climate. They are the gases that cause green house effects. (CO2) is considered to be the primary green house gas that is released through human activities.

They have the capacity to suck the light energy and then release it within the range of thermal invisibility, which can be the reason of climate change. The major green house gases that are found in the atmospheric layer of globe are CO2, methane, water vapor Ozone, and NO. But most dangerous two greenhouse gases are CO2 and Methane.

The usual temperature of the planet Earth without green house gas discharge is 18 degrees Celsius in contrast to the average temperature of 15 degrees Celsius that we currently observe. In addition to Earth, other planets, like Mars and Venus, are also believed to be green house gases.

It is caused due to the release of green house gases.

The gase serve as translucent walls inside green houses that is why they are called green house gases. Without the green house impact, hotness could fall to the lows of 18C (-0.4F) and would be very cold to survive life on the planet.

However, human workings are altering the common green house effect on Earth with significant increases in green house gases. Researchers believe that green house gases are at the root the Earth climate change.

From the time of the Commercial uprising, People has released huge amount of green house gases in our environment. In the last ten decades, this volume has grown unexpectedly, which has had the knock on impact of global warming. Earth’s warmth have increased in the last 3 decades and now at the most extreme from the point documentation started.

Two greenhouse gases

Carbon dioxide (CO2)

CO2 is produced by common procedures such as the eruption of volcanic ash, or breathing of plants, along with breathing of animals and humans. However, the environmental CO2 accumulation has been increasing to 47 percent in the time from the Commercial uprising started in the 18s because of human activities such as using fossil fuels as well as large-scale forest destruction. Due to its abundance, CO2 is the primary cause of climate change.

two greenhouse gases
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This green house gas is basically produced by fragmentation. However, people’s activities have altered the equilibrium of nature. Methane in large quantities are released from cattle farming, land fill waste dumps, rice farming, and the conventional extraction of gas and oil.

What can we do to decrease greenhouse gases?

Green house gas emissions can be cut by gradually removing fossil fuels such as oil, coal, and gas, as well as shifting to renewable energy sources like the sun as well as the wind.

Everyone can be a part of protecting our planet. This can be done through simple daily modifications, such as reusing and recycling, up to wider lifestyle choices like changing to electrified cars.

Why do we concentrate on carbon dioxide so much?

CO2 has been the most significant of any other contributor to global warming caused by humans, that is why it’s usually at the center of discussions regarding discharge reduction as well as global warming. It’s also more plentiful than other greenhouse gases like methane, and it has a greater overall impact on global warming.

However, other greenhouse gases possess a greater capacity for heat-trapping than carbon dioxide. Methane is, in particular, increasing in importance since the increasing utilization of fossil-fuel extraction techniques like fracking creates large amounts of methane-emitted emissions. Land use and livestock farming changes are among the main reasons for the rise of methane emissions into the atmosphere. Other issues that are emerging, including the potential melting of permafrost caused by global warming, could emit more methane which has been frozen in the ice.


The most commonly used method of measuring carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere is parts per million. This is that for every million gas molecules, about 413 carbon dioxide molecules. Greenhouse gases aren’t evenly distributed throughout the world as water vapor is extremely fluctuating in the different seasons and locations. Every million parts of carbon dioxide that are present in the atmosphere is converted into 2.13 giga tones of carbon. Be aware of the fact that it’s carbon and not carbon dioxide. Carbon stored in the storage system is released into the atmosphere as carbon dioxide; every kilogram of carbon equates to 3.67 grams of carbon dioxide. So, each millionth of a part of carbon dioxide is 7.81 giga tones of carbon dioxide.

What is the significance of this distinction? While carbon dioxide and carbon are frequently used interchangeably, this distinction is important to calculate how the amount of carbon dioxide has to be removed from the air or avoided from release in order to remain within a specific carbon budget.

two greenhouse gases

Greenhouse Gases Sources

Since greenhouse gases are vital to sustaining life, they exist in the air in tiny quantities.

  • Sources of natural GHGs include volcanoes, breathing by living things, and the burning of biological material, etc.
  • The GHG emissions are naturally maintained in the environment through a variety of corporal, chemical, or bio-chemical procedures, for instance, common sinks which absorb carbon dioxide, e.g., industrial plantation
  • Because of the commercial uprising as well as the intervention of humans, the number of green house gases in the environment has significantly grown
  • The main reason of the rise in CO2 emissions in environment is combustion of fossil fuels like coal, petroleum, and natural gas.
  • Urbanization, cutting of the trees, and ground corrosion have added to the increasing quantity of CO2
  • Divers factories, including wastewater and hard rocks handling, are major contributors to an increase in CH4. Rice gathering has greatly involved to the increase in green house gases.

two greenhouse gases
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