Introduction to environmental issues

Environmental issues Environmental issues are the detrimental consequences of human activity on the natural environment. They include global warming, pollution, overpopulation, deforestation, smog, climate change, ozone layer depletion, etc. Global warming Burning fossil fuels and emissions from vehicles and chlorofluorocarbons are added to the carbon dioxide that is in the atmosphere. This carbon dioxide has … Read more

Pro’s And Con’s of RO Water

Reverse Osmosis is a water filtering technique that utilizes semipermeable membranes that filter contaminants from water. It was initially developed to make the sea water drinkable, and also to lower the amount of the presence of heavy metals in water. Nowadays, it is used in household water filtering systems. Reverse osmosis systems can be highly … Read more

Plastic Microbeads! Rubbing Plastic On your face???

With an increasing number of health threats related to plastic, the use of microbeads in cosmetics is also becoming a major threat to human health.  Plastic Microbeads Microbeads are very small Particles of plastic. Sometimes they can’t even be seen through the naked eye. They mostly consist of polyethylene. They are often used in tubes … Read more

Plastic!!!! A Severe Threat To Human Health.

Although Plastic is one of the most widespread substances in the world but its effects on human health aren’t fully recognized. But the exposure to plastic is growing into new zones of the natural environment and food chain, as plastic products break down into smaller particles and encapsulate harmful chemicals. As the production of plastic increases, this … Read more

Plastic Debris ….a Human Health issue

 The worldwide danger of exceptionally diligent plastic waste amassing and dividing into the planet’s seas, inland waters, and earthly conditions are turning out to be progressively obvious. What Actually is Plastic Debris?? Plastic is used to make products that we use in our lives every day, such as foodstuffs, toys, and even medical equipment. Marine debris … Read more