How to collect water from rain? 6 best ways!

To collect water from rain for landscaping and home usage is an excellent method to save money and preserve water. Depending on the rainfall a particular region receives, we can gather enough water for all our water requirements. We must select the best method of collection for our needs like an apex barrel for rooftop … Read more

What are the disadvantages of rainwater harvesting?

Rainwater harvesting Rainwater harvesting refers to the simple technology or process of conserving rainwater. It involves collecting, storing, and transporting rainwater from roofs, parks, roads, and open spaces for later use. Rainwater harvesting is one the oldest and easiest methods of self-supply water to households. It has been used for thousands of years in different … Read more

Rooftop Rainwater Harvesting

rain water harvesting

Before discussing rooftop rainwater harvesting, we will first discuss what rainwater harvesting is. Rainwater harvesting is collecting rainwater runoff from roofs and rooftops and storing it for later use. It is a sustainable water conservation method because it reduces the need for potable water and conserves precious freshwater resources. In addition, rainwater harvesting helps reduce … Read more

What is Rain water filter? Its 4 Important Types

A rain water filter is designed to remove contaminants from stormwater runoff before entering the rainwater storage tanks. Different filters are used in rainwater harvesting systems. One can install these filters of plastic or mesh in gutters or downspouts. Rainwater filters are effective because they trap particles as small as 0.1 microns (one millionth of a meter). … Read more

Is rainwater clean? Quick overview

is rainwater clean

Rainwater has been used across all cultures for most of human history. Many people still use it today. Is rainwater clean and safe to use? What can we do with rainwater?It’s not that easy. Rainwater taken directly from the skies may be pure, but it can carry contaminants back to us. We should be cautious … Read more

Rain water ph, Mandatory precautions

rain water ph

What is rainwater? Rain is liquid droplets that falls from the clouds. Raindrops are formed when clouds are saturated with water or filled with droplets. The next segment will be about the rain water pH level. There is very little information about the benefits of rainwater on human health. Many people don’t collect and store … Read more