Ways to Prevent Global Warming-7 Easy Steps

This article looks at various ways to prevent global warming. We may not be able to stop global warming entirely, but we can take several actions that could help limit the effects the change could have on our planet. We can quickly implement the steps described in this article throughout our day-to-day lives. The more people who contribute to stopping global warming, the more beneficial the overall result will be. Working together will help lessen the effects of global warming.

Ways to Prevent Global Warming

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Global warming refers to the rise in the Earth’s average temperature due to human beings releasing various greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Global warming harms many parts of the globe. The continuous increase in temperature on Earth has had negative consequences, including flooding, drought, melting glaciers, heat waves, and an increase in sea level, prompting the need to find solutions to overcome global warming.

Reduce greenhouse gas emissions

Greenhouse gas emissions primarily cause global warming. It is possible to reduce their emissions and prevent global warming in the near term. Due to the considerable material flow and vast amounts of energy they use, decreasing fossil carbon emissions from different industrial sectors is essential. Transport is a major producer of carbon dioxide. The carbon footprint of motor vehicle exhausts is high because they produce significant amounts of carbon dioxide. We should use electric vehicles instead of these. Electric vehicles are a crucial component of a clean energy future.

Use Alternative energy sources for energy.

We can prevent global warming by transforming to alternative energy sources and ending the use of fossil fuels. The human’s constant need for energy is endless and increasing. Fossil fuels are the traditional energy source, but they have a limited basis and contribute significantly to global warming.

Alternative energy is a collection of encouraging methods to generate energy from renewable sources. Although they aren’t as widespread as traditional sources, they are still valuable because they are sustainable and have a low chance of harming the environment (Samarina and al. (2018)). Alternative energy includes wind, solar, and biomass, as well as hydro and geothermal energy sources. These sources are essential in preventing global warming because they don’t produce any pollution or toxic gases such as greenhouse gases. They also do not pose a danger to the ecological balance.

Reduce the amount of waste

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A lot of waste ends up in landfills. Although this can harm the environment, it can also cause climate change because methane is released from decomposing waste. Here are some ideas to reduce the amount of waste that we produce.
Donate any unwanted items. Donate any items still in good condition if you have finished with them. Someone out there could benefit significantly from the thing you just tossed in the garbage.
Recycle all you can. Recycling more can reduce the amount of waste that ends up in landfills. This recycling can reduce methane emissions into the atmosphere.

Plant more trees

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According to a report published by the journal Science, planting millions of trees across the globe is the most cost-effective and efficient approach to tackle the current global problem. plants prevent carbon dioxide to absorb into the atmosphere. Planting trees has been an encouraging response to the worldwide climate crisis. If they are a suitable species, they must be advantageous. Trees and plants are essential to the carbon cycle because they provide the perfect carbon storage and capture system.

Stop the use of aerosols.

Aerosol production has increased around the globe, with most aerosols produced in Europe. These aerosols are full of greenhouse gases such as CO 2, methane, and chlorofluorocarbons which can erode the ozone layer. The use of aerosols is banned in some countries, but many countries are still using aerosols. We should avoid using these types of sprays to prevent our atmosphere from the effects of global warming.

 Reduce the use of plastic

The oil that makes plastic and the extraction, refinement, refining, and turning off fat to polymer (or polyester, for clothing) is hugely carbon intensive. It is completely indestructible, so we can burn it to create plastic, which increases emissions.

Plastic demand is rising quickly; by 2050, 17.7% of the world’s carbon footprint will be completed and disposed of.
Within the United States, an estimated 12.5 – 13.5 million tons of carbon dioxide or equivalent are released each year through the extraction and transportation of natural gas to create plastics as feedstock.
Around the world, around 40% of plastic is used to make packaging. The packaging is usually intended for one-time use, making it easy to dispose of. We can recycle these packages in three ways: landfill, incineration, and recycling.

Deforestation in tropical rainforests can account for more than 20% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Deforestation, which removes trees’ roots from the soil, can cause soil erosion. This cutting of trees makes the ground more vulnerable to decay. Combining the destruction of carbon sinks through deforestation and other activities has increased carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere. This co2 is more than what can be absorbed by existing carbon sinks like forests. Large-scale tree removal from forests or other lands for human activities will lead to increased forest loss. Which will cause more carbon dioxide to release into the atmosphere. We need to reduce or avoid cutting down trees to overcome the effects of global warming.


Global warming possess significant measures to the survival of humans. The primary factor contributing to global warming is increased carbon dioxide emissions. The major contributor to carbon dioxide is fossil fuels, which have been widely employed since the beginning of the industrial revolution. Fossil fuels should be replaced by alternatives that can be environmentally sustainable. Reducing carbon emissions is one of the important ways to prevent Global Warming.

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