Why Should we recycle coffee grounds?

As avid coffee drinkers, we use various devices and methods of brewing to make coffee the way we want. These tools and machines include a Moka kettle, a bean-to-cup machine, or a barista coffee maker. These methods produce vast quantities of coffee grounds, typically thrown away in the trash.

But, you can profit from coffee grounds used in various ways. There are many options, from making it compost to cleaning it with natural products. There are some fantastic and simple methods for recycling coffee grounds to help save the planet.

  1. Excellent fertilizer for the garden

Coffee grounds are an excellent nitrogen source for acidophilic plants like various fruits, vegetables, and flowers. It is a great option to use directly on roses, azaleas, or rhododendrons.

For instance, fruit and vegetables that be benefited from the coffee grounds are blueberries, spinach, and tomatoes. When you sow, carrots will also be better when you add coffee grounds to your seeds. It will not only result in better carrots, but you will also be able to keep them free from any pests.

If you’re doing the composting at your home and you have coffee grounds, then add the coffee grounds to create a healthier and more affordable fertilizer.

A recent study suggests that grounds from coffee must be composted over about 100 days before placing them on plants. Coffee grounds first contain the highest levels of caffeine, tannins, and chlorogenic acids. These substances can be harmful to soils that plants grow in.

In the end, the toxins diminish once you have entirely composted the coffee grounds. The coffee beans’ potassium and nitrogen levels can benefit plants.

Make sure your home smells nice.

To get rid of any unpleasant odors around your home, It is possible to recycle the coffee grounds into a deodorant. Please use a bowl of coffee grounds, then put it in the refrigerator or under the counter. It can be an absorbent for any unpleasant smell resulting from food storage or cooking.

DIY tips: you could use abrasive coffee grounds in your kitchen cleaners to enhance their scratchiness.

Freshen up your home with coffee grounds

Coffee grounds are an aromatic alternative to essential oils used in candles. Make use of the grounds of coffee to create a fragrant coffee candle, and then enjoy the aroma of coffee.

Damp coffee grounds can aid in reducing dust when you clean your fireplace. Sprinkle coffee grounds used on the fireplace to lessen dust when cleaning. Then, sweep the grounds using trash and ashes.

Ground coffee grounds for an exfoliation routine for skin

The coffee grounds used in the making are great on your face in various ways. They can be utilized as a mask for exfoliation. Utilize the coffee grounds from yesterday to make an exfoliation cleanser for the skin. It is possible to do this in the shower and then rinse off with water afterward to get rid of the dirt.

Pro tip: If you have a pet, apply the coffee scrub to your pet after bathing him. Dogs enjoy this kind of stimulation for their skin and keep them clean. Then the body is free of fleas. The coffee’s smell deters many insects such as fleas and ants.

The coffee ground mask can also be an excellent mask on your face. Its antioxidant properties make your skin bright and fresh. Make the paste using moist and warm ground coffee, coconut oil (unrefined), and almond milk in raw form. Apply the paste to your face using an upward motion. Then wash off with clean drinking water within 10 mins.

Cleanse your hands by using coffee grounds. Scrub the leftover coffee grounds from the morning into your hands to get rid of any unpleasant smell. This trick is helpful when working on onions at the table since they can leave your hands smelling even after you have used soup.

Coffee is a great way to help to keep the ants away.

Sprinkle some grounds of coffee in the corners where ants are likely to be attracted to your home. The coffee’s scent can be a nuisance to ants and acts as a natural pesticide, reducing the potential for harm.

Have a cup of coffee with your children

Coffee grounds are used as a stain because of their vibrant coffee hue. It’s a fantastic and safe material for crafting projects with your children. There are many options with the coffee grounds’ color, and it will also give you an enjoyable time with your children.

Coffee grounds are also an excellent source of salt dough. Mix the coffee ground with salt and flour to create an easily formable dough for children. It is easily shaped during play and later dried. When it’s hard, it can be hung on the wall or handed out as a gift to loved ones and friends.

Recycling your coffee from work

The office you work in probably consumes much more coffee than you imagine. The coffee waste discarded in offices could be a great resource to recycle. Many companies are now trying to move to digital interactions to cut down on paper use, so coffee recycling could be the next step.

Recycling coffee grounds in the garbage isn’t the best option today. Some companies are now beginning to sort their grounds waste and then take the grounds to be composted.

Composting the coffee grounds could not be the most effective option because leftover coffee can be utilized as more than as a fertilizer. Coffee waste can be used to create logs that can be burned to give warmth. They offer a longer heating time and a higher temperature.

Recyclable Coffee Cup


The results from roasting processing roasting aren’t just waste. The coffee grounds used up are far too valuable to throw away as waste in the trash. It is repurposed into many useful items such as toys, pesticides, scrubs, and even compost. Use your coffee waste to protect the environment and become a green coffee drinker.

Author: Engr. Husnain SultanEnvironmental Engineer. Passionate to spread awareness regarding current and future environmental crisis.An international consultant, advisor and trainer with expertise in waste management, biomass energy, waste-to-energy, environment protection and resource conservation.

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